Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Artistic Narratives - Introducing Norman Rockwell

student work
Fifth grade students are completing a unit on Norman Rockwell. The focus was on the narrative qualities of his work. The complete lesson plan is further down in this post. I wanted to share some of their completed work with you. For the 2nd half of the lesson, I will be coordinating with one of their classroom teachers where they will be writing the narratives to accompany their illustrations. We plan to post work outside of both of our classrooms. I will post illustrations with a QR code link to the written work. She will post the QR code link to the illustrations along with their written work. This will be a great way for both of us to document collaboration in the curriculum.

student work

student work

student work

student work

student work

student work

Artistic Narratives

Overview:  Fifth grade students will use artistic details to tell a narrative.  They will then follow-up by writing the story to accommodate the work of art. Creating art in the Regionalism style of Norman Rockwell. (1894-1978)

Objective: As an Artist -
      I can interpret or create a narrative depiction through art.
      I can write a narrative based on the artistic detail of my work of art.
                 I can create and understand the use of visual cues to tell a story.

Materials:  A variety of prints by the American Artist/Illustrator, Norman Rockwell
                  9 x 12 white drawing paper
                  Medium of choice (crayons, markers, color pencils, watercolor…)

Week 1:  Background history on artist of choice, Norman Rockwell.  
Group analysis of a selected Norman Rockwell print with a focus on determining the narrative of the work and searching for the artistic details that contribute to the narrative.  If time: break into table groups to analyze an additional work for collaborate sharing.

Week 2: Create in the illustration style of Norman Rockwell.  Drawing first in pencil and remembering to add artistic details to enrich the narrative of the illustration.

Week 3-4: Continue to add two illustration with pencil if needed then using medium of choice begin to add color to the composition.

Week 4-5: Once illustration is completed, begin to write the accompanying narrative to tell the story of the work.  Use a dictionary, supplied, to check all spelling.  Look for good sentence structure and punctuation.  Story is minimally two full pages, hand written.  Once completed, publish both on Artsonia.


Refer to posted rubric in classroom to determine artistic development.

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