Sunday, September 11, 2016

Confession of a stubby penci hoarder

2003 Maestre Echinimunculus
Echinimunculus (2003) 
I have a problem, I admit it, I save stubby pencils.  I've been doing it for awhile.  I save them for the possibilities.  I know there is something there and one day my creativity will hop in with the solution.  So for now, I have contatiners, and contatiners, and more containers of stuibby pencils.  Recently there was a post on Facebook by a fellow stubby pencil collector wondering what could be done with her collection.  I am not alone in my obsession.  There were lots of post and photos for suggestions on how to renew the pencil collections of art teachers from all over the county.  One Art teacher posted this link and I quickly hopped over to check it out.  Thank you Shelly Sampley Dent .  There are five (5!) porfolios of pencil sculptures.  Most were very interesting, to say the least and I scroll thorugh each and every image.  But you know how you feel when a work suddenly speaks to you?  I felt that delight when I viewed this little gem   There ;is something pretty delightful about this sculpture.  I search for the definition of the word Echinimunculus quite unsuccessfully.  I'm sure it would add insight into the artist intent.  For now, I will just appreciation the pure delight I feel as I view this little gem. AND...I'll keep hoarding those pencils, cause , you never know, I might have a Echinimunculus in my future,

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  1. I love collecting them too! I have a little cup by my sharpener that says "too short to sharpen" and the kids love to put pencils in there, for some weird reason - ha! Most of the time I gave to say " no, not short enough." :P
    I use mine to cover big paper mache letters in my room that spell create - along with fabric scraps and marker caps too