Thursday, September 15, 2016

Classroom Friendly Sharpeners has a new Yellow!

 Check out my new Yellow Classroom Friendly Sharpener.  If you haven't heard, it is the quietest sharpener on the market.  But my favorite thing about it is the ease of use and the great point it puts on my pencils.  Turn the crank just a couple of turns and you have a fabulously sharpened pencil.
I sharpen 36 pencils in my classroom at least twice each day.  With my new yellow sharpened it is a quick efficient job.

Below are photos from a first grader who figured out how to use the sharpener with no instructions.  That is how easy it is to use.  You can order a few for your classroom by clicking this link. and visiting the Classroom Friendly Supplies web page.
Squeeze the black handles and insert the pencil

Grab the handle and start to turn

Just a few turns and your pencil is sharpened!

Now to make some Art!

Oh, and did you know  you can replace the blades on your old sharpener?   I have a sharpener that is about 3 school years old.   I added a new blade when school started and it is just like new!  I love these sharpeners!  

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