Saturday, April 2, 2016

Wacky Birds for ATC cards

First graders have been drawing Wacky Birds this week in the form of Artist Trading Cards.  I first wrote about this project here a few years ago.  That year we used the birds in a cooperative project that still hangs in the hallway in one of my schools.  The original worksheet came from Expressive Monkey.  I love this worksheet and have used it for years.  So back to this year, we have been making ATCs to trade with other first graders in another state.  They had approximately 100 students so I decided to have my group make at least two cards each.  Open the flood gates...some students made between 4 and 6!!!  I'm not certain yet how I will handle the extras but I do intend to send at least one down to New Jersey from each student.  As the numbers demonstrate, they had a blast and just wanted to make more and more.  Thanks to my donated stash of scraps of card stock, it was not a problem with the cost of pre-cut ATC.  If you haven't done one of these projects yet, you really should try them out with your students.  They are quite the hit!


  1. Hi Its your friends in NJ I will be working with my first graders this coming week. I am going to introduce the concept of ATC's first, then make them. They should be ready to ship to you within the next two weeks. YEAH!!!!

  2. by the way love the wacky birds. I am thinking about flowers for our ATC's. Any suggestions for lessons?