Thursday, April 21, 2016

Recycling for the Kids during Spring Break!

A few (82 to be exact) recycled marker caps, two markers and 12' of rope and I've got a great gift for the kids for use at recess.  This jump rope was created by stringing on the marker caps with the addition of two marker bodies to create handles.  Students have been tying together two smaller jump ropes for group jumping.   As I watched them jumping, I knew just what I would be doing during spring break.  I just wish I had brought home more dead markers so I could have strung together two.  I started by taping the caps side by side in a row using wide masking tape and then wedged them as a group into my clamp.  They drilled out fairly quickly and easily using a drill bit that was slightly larger than the nylon rope that I already had; left over from another project.  I could have taken the time to create a pattern but chose to just add the caps on in a random fashion.  By removing the end plug of the marker body, I was able to string one on each end and hide the knot inside of what would now become the handle.  I put the end plug back into place once the knot was securely tied.  Melting the end of the nylon rope insures that the knot will not become loosened.  I'm looking forward to having the 3rd graders give it a test run on Monday!

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