Saturday, February 6, 2016

Artic Habitats in first grade

 Recently on Facebook, I viewed a great post by Michelle Reile on habitats and I knew it would be perfect for a collaboration with first grade.  Students were doing classroom projects on Walrus, Emperor Penguins and Polar Bears.  I decided to jump in and have them create habitats in the art room.  The students loved taping into the information they were learning in their classroom and then exploring how to create their 3D habitats in the art room.  There were many ahhhha moments as the paper was transformed into the triangular habitats.  They did struggle to understand the method to attach their animals and a few children were forced to go back and
 try again to create an animal that could be glued into the habitat.  They kept cutting off the tab but there were many successes as you can see as everyone caught on to the process.  The best part was having the older grades view the results and beg to create their own.

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