Sunday, February 21, 2016

4th grade ATC trade.

I have wanted to participate in an ATC exchange for a couple of years now and just couldn't seem to pull it together.  Sitting here right now I am wondering "why not??"  This was the easiest day ever and the results were pretty good.  I allowed my students to create a card of choice using a medium of choice as well as subject matter.  We began by throwing out ideas and talking about how we would want to represent our school to students across the country.  Would we want to illustrate something about our community, our interest, the art that we have made or would we just want to present our creative selves?  Since, this was a choice lesson, the end results include all of the above.  The first batch of twenty is in the mail, off to a small school in SD and now we will practice being patient.  This week, we will pull together another 80 to send off to another program in another direction...don't have that address, yet.  Then, I'll be looking for another place to trade with maybe using another grade.


  1. Hi. I teach K-2 art in New Jersey. Would you be interested in doing artist trading cards with a 1st grade class?

  2. We will do another trade next year. Join us!