Sunday, August 30, 2015

Welcome back to the Art Studio!

Well I'm ready for a new year.  I had a terrific summer, I hope you all did as well.  I was able to work on my own creative endeavors, take a brief vacation, numerous stay-cation days, many opportunities for face painting and two graduate courses for + hours.  It sure went fast, didn't it???  Coming up as you all return to the Art Studio beginning Tuesday will be some new classroom procedures, a video recap of what I did this summer and some interesting and surprising items for still life drawing that I obtained in the past few weeks.  (That's a surprise so I won't let  you now what they are)  Immediately, we will be celebrating International Dot Day with Peter Reynolds and his books "The Dot" and "Ish".  Fifth grade students will be focusing on writing their illustrated children's books and revisiting one-point perspective. We will be doing a bit of review of the Elements of Art for all grades as we begin 1st project.  Most exciting for me....we will begin clay immediately after we return from Thanksgiving break!  If they haven't already done it, encourage your families to visit your Artsonia account or if you can't remember you information, just jump onto the school page to see what we did last year.  I hope everyone will approve their accounts this year so we can be 100% Artsonia.   I will be sending a letter home the first week of school that will give you more information about Artsonia and other changes in the Art Studio.  I hope you are all excited and ready to rejoin me in the Art Studios of Allendale and Capeless.  See you in a few hours!!!

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