Sunday, August 2, 2015


Google Shibumi and you will find a few different interpretations of it's meaning.   It is a Japanese word that does not have a literal translations.  Loosely it means effortless perfection or a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty.  Today I experience the art of Shibumi when I visited the Vermont Arts and Crafts Fair in Bennington and the Shibumi Silks craft tent.  I had witnessed this process last summer at a similar venue in Berkshire country and was regretful that I hadn't tried it out then.  Here is a picture diary of the process.  
First you drop the colors into the water tank
More color

A more color.  I think I added 5-6 different colors.

I swirled it into itself and other colors
You use a skewer to move the color around
More swirling and then I made sure I like what I had done.

The silk has to be held taunt as it is placed onto of the ink bath.

Here is my scarf removed from the ink bath and completely printed.  It is shades of purple and blue.  
After a multiple day process of drying, resting, irons, and washing, it will be ready to wear, hang on the wall
or use as a table runner.  This was a really fun process, very similar to shaving cream batik.  I loved it
and can't wait to wear my new scarf when I am back to school!

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