Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter Value

I am very pleased with the work this young
man is doing this year.  He seems to
have discovered his inner artist!
Fourth grade students have been exploring methods to create with value this month.  Previously they created "valupillars" using model magic clay.  For this assignment, they experimented with paint to create value.  Students were given a choice in how they would lay down the steps of value to create a background for a winter scene.  Once dry, oil crayons were used to add simple bare trees to the backgrounds.  Many students also attempted value with the oil crayons while some opted to create just a dark barked tree.
There is an eerie feel to the trees in this
composition.  This guy always does his best
work on every project.

This young man was really intimidated by drawing his trees
He practiced first on a scrap paper and was really  delighted
with his success once he drew on the painted paper.

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