Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kindergarten Snow People

My kindergarten focus each year is on shape and color.  I hope that students will easily draw, color and cut basic shapes and also have a mastery of primary and secondary colors.  With that in mind, kindergartners trace circles and sponge painted to create snowmen.  For week two, they explored basic shapes and how they could combine to create the parts of their snow people.  For example.  Two rectangles of different sizes could create a hat or a rectangle with a triangle could create a different type of hat.  Cutting circles for the eyes and buttons is also a skill they are working on.  Students had complete control over the finished look of their snow person as long as they used cut shapes to create the collage items.  Here are a few of the really precious results.

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  1. I always enjoy doing snow people with Kindergarten each year! I like the variety in your students work!