Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Clay Time

An example from last school year
I haven't posted much lately because all my classes are working with clay.  K,1, 2 & 3 generally create for three weeks but often it takes 4th and 5th 4-6 weeks to complete their projects.  Everything is moving along well.  Fifth grade is creating clay whistles.  I shared a few videos with them for making Ocarinas and many are inspired to take the next step and add fingering holes to create an increased span of sounds.  Since many of them take instruments, I am sure they can be successful.  I will share the finished projects in several weeks.  Fourth grade students create animals.  For the first time this year I am focusing on slabs and textures with third grade.  Each week I introduce one or two different ideas for creating with slabs and then students chose what they would like to create for that lesson.  Some students actually create both of the lesson suggestions.  I am really inspired by their enthusiasm and the efforts they are putting into textures and slabs.  A few second grades completed the construction of their clay owls today and it looks like the first graders will finish their Ugly cups next week.  Ugly cups are the first grade interpretation of Southern Ugly Jugs.  I found a very student friendly video on this subject as well that the students enjoyed viewing while giggling at some of the funny looking jugs.  Kindergarten is clay introduction.  They experiment with creating something from a small ball of clay in one piece,  coil pots, pinch pots, elbow or knee pots and texture impressions for a clay medallion to be made into a necklace later in the Spring.  I'm beginning to load the kiln in both buildings but haven't done the first bisque firing, yet.   The room is covered in clay dust and I spend my day in controlled chaos but it is my favorite unit of the year!  Watch for photos,  I love to share them all and can't wait to update you when projects are finished!!

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