Thursday, March 13, 2014

Check out this great series of videos for Ocarinas

I have been making clay whistles, Ocarinas, with my students for ten years.  Its been a growing process and I have become more successful and skilled each year with the teaching process.  Last year I created some beveled popsicle sticks that made the whistle opening process fairly fool proof.  Here is my previous post with the link from last year.  Many of my students play instruments this year and are interested in adding fingering holes to their whistles so they can produce additional pitches.  I recently discovered some terrific youtube videos by Chris Heuer that make the process very clear for even a first time whistle potter.  If you are interested in creating whistles with your students, check out those videos here.  The process of creating an instrument with students is very exciting and never grows old.  Give it a try!

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