Friday, January 31, 2014

More snowflake prints but this time for Valentine's Day

All of my fourth grade students created snowflake prints back before the holidays.  I wrote about the process here in December.  One class was still working on a previous lesson and missed out on the printing.  It is a really fun project and the students all seem to really enjoy it.  With that in mind, I began thinking about a snowflake cutting book on my bookshelf that featured valentines.  My book was written by Robert Kelly.  I can't locate it on Amazon but here is a similar book by Kelly.  I selected several patterns and ran copies for the students to chose from.  I like the style of this book because each pattern has folding instructions attached at the top of the page.  Week one they cut valentine snowflakes and week two we printed on red and pink paper using red and white tempera paints.  I wanted to share a few of the beautiful snowflakes they completed with you.

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