Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Elephant Patterns

Here are a few of the pattern elephants from my lesson plan post last week.   As a follow-up, I need to share that the cutting was a bit challenging for them.  I quickly drew the cut lines on the reverse side of each of the grids to make it clearer for most of my classes.  One class did not require the added assistance, however, it was a small class due to many students being out with illness.   I was able to walk around and work individually with students in the smaller class to help them achieve cutting success.  The next step in the process will be to draw and color an elephant on a separate sheet of white paper.  I intend to do a "follow the leader" draw using shapes to create the drawn elephant.  It will be colored gray to represent Elmer in the Elmer's Day Parade.   Students will then complete a composition that will be their interpretation of an elephant habitat.   This could be the jungle, watering hole, a zoo, etc.   After the habitat is completed, the patterned elephants will be glued into the composition.  I think these will be really cute and I will definitely be sharing the completed ones.  Check back for the update!

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