Friday, October 4, 2013

Learning to use Artsonia

creating an Artist Statement on the iPad
 I decided to use Artsonia in my schools this year after years of looking at it and feeling like it would just be too difficult to manage.  These start up days are pretty intense.  With 600 students to put into the system and parental permissions to enter along with art work, I feel like all of my time has been on Artsonia the  past two weeks.  I'm beginning to see the rewards.  Fourth grade students are in the process of completing projects.  There are always a few students who manage their time well and finish well ahead of everyone else.  I have set up the desktop in my room and my iPad so that students can go into the program and enter their own artist statements.  I covered all the expectations ahead of time with the entire group and even supplied a dictionary for checking the spelling of challenging words.  I have been truly impressed with the writing skills of this group.  They have really put a lot of thought into what they are saying and taken pride in their art and the process.
Using the desktop to add an Artist Statement on Artsonia
The Artsonia program is going to help me with many of the challenges put forth in our new teacher evaluation and my colleagues are impressed with the writing the students are creating in art class.  I'm feeling really positive about all of this.  If  you haven't looked into Artsonia for your school, you really should check it out.

Here is a sample of a student's statement:

When I do art I think of so many ideas. I do not know which idea to pick from. I love art so much and art is fun to. I think my art is inspiring to other people.If you do not think you can do it try and try hard until you think you are good like me. Thats what I feel when I am doing art.

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