Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Artsonia to the rescue!

With the new state evaluation in place, my biggest concern was parent communications.  Most of my communications I the past have been in the way of progress reports or casual conversations.  Really, how much do specialist have the opportunity to meet parents.  With 600+ students this has felt very overwhelming.  But, as I said before, Artsonia to the rescue!   Their newsletter feature is the best.  You can target specific grades or send a newsletter to your entire roster.  A blanket letter can included a small note that is also grade specific.  I now have a way to give background information concerning  the intended focus and outcome of projects.  I used to try writing a quick note on the back of completed works.  It was tedious and I often felt short of my desired outcomes.  With the newsletter, I have a way to communicate quickly and efficiently to as many parents as I would like to reach each month.  I now also have an email data base if I feel the need to contact specific parents.  I feel in the loop with the communication piece and know I am now able to meet that goal.

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