Wednesday, August 7, 2013

International Dot Day

I started off the school year with projects for International Dot Day in 2012 and they proved to be a nice transition into a new school year.   I know many of you are back at school, even though I have a few more weeks of summer, I am beginning my planning.  Dot Day will be back on the plan book.  I had students from grades 1 & 2 participate in the dot day with original dot creations using crayons and markers.  Older students created small dots on a large group poster during the week of September 15th.  Everyone was able to be a part of dot day as teachers were also encouraged to "make their mark".    So, I'm sharing this because it is that time again.   You can join in the celebration by visiting  the International Dot Day web site.   Sign in and you will have access to download the informational guide as well.  I've already signed up for my students, I hope you'll join in the celebration.

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