Friday, August 23, 2013

Finally ready at Capeless, too!

 Here is Kaileigh's i-Phone bulletin board for the hallway at Capeless.  It depicts a imaginary conversation with the iPhone owner and Peter Reynolds himself.  Since I will start the year off recognizing International Dot Day with a variety of Dot projects, we decided to make Peter Reynold's book The Dot the focus for our bulletin boards.  I had to ask her to translate the message for me.  I'm sure my students will all understand it but us "old folks" aren't always so savvy.   :  )

Bulletin Board 2 is inside the classroom and challenges students to make their own mark.  I will be using coffee filters with grades 2 - 5 to create dots to replace the white ones and of course fill up the empty spaces.  The colorful one in the center will be the lesson I will use with 1st graders.  I plan to use primary liquid watercolors and droppers and have the students create secondary colors.   It will be a review of our color lessons from Kindergarten with a new medium...liquid watercolor.

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