Wednesday, July 17, 2013

One more day creating with Metal Foil Tape

Cassette Book, egg and another drawing book

 Another day of playing with the foil tape.  I truly am addicted to all the possibilities!  I don't think I am finished with the egg, yet.  I envision a little patina on it and maybe a few embellishments like charms or chains.

This cassette tape book was the most fun.   I removed all the screws and disassembled the tape case.  I saved everything but the tape because you just never know what  you might be able to do with those things!  : )  A cardboard spine was added to make it work as a book and I also added cardboard to the hollow areas to smooth out the look a little.  The pages were found free on the Internet by Googling music sheets.  They add a little whimsy to the idea of a cassette tape book.

This final piece is another drawing book similar to the one from yesterday.  The textural elements were created from paper cuts.  I applied them to the back of the tape prior to attaching the tape to the book.   I really like how interesting the book looks and think that it adds a bit of mystery to the look.  This will be my final pieces for a while.   I have to take a face painting break tomorrow to paint at a city summer program.  It's a repeat and always a lot of fun.  The kids are terrific.  Tomorrow night I will be beginning a class on children's book writing.  I integrate children's books into many
of my lessons.  I have lots of ideas of books I would like to read related to what I teach but can't always find a book to fill my expectations.
I've entertained writing my own on numerous occasions.  So, this is me taking a giant leap into seeing if this will work for me!  Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi Kim

    Wow! Good luck with the book writing class. You are using your time off in such fabulous ways.