Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Amazing Wax Artist - Genevieve!

Have you ever had one of those students that you just know you will hear about when they get into High School Art because of all of the amazing things they are creating?  I'm always excited when my gut feeling pans out and they truly are amazing and dedicated to the arts in their teens.
I want to share a bit of information about one of the second graders I am privileged to be teaching right now.  She  always produces top rate work no matter what medium we are working with but I've always notice she rises to the top when we are working on our clay unit.  Since clay is my personal passion, it's always given me a great deal of pleasure to see what she will create.  In early winter, little Genevieve walked in with something and wanted to share it with me.  She had eaten some Babybel cheese, saved the wax covering and soften it to mold and create a small owl.  I began to pay attention and realized soon after that she often had the cheese for lunch and would begin to create.  All sorts of cute little wax figures could be found in that lunch box.  She makes me think about those little prodigy children artist that are already selling their work and making the big bucks as they plan for their college in elementary school!
 So I've got that old gut feeling about Genevieve.  I won't be surprised when I see her creations proudly displayed at the High School art show in the future.  Who knows, maybe she's one of those little prodigies, too!

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