Monday, May 13, 2013

Action Figures

No, I am not talking toys here.  One of the subjects covered with 2 nd grade each year is how to show action in art.  For this lesson we look at sculptural action and create a stabile. First a definition of action figure is in order and we practice "freeze frame" using our bodies to visualize actions.  Once each student has decided on an action,  twisted wire is used to create a figure.  One leg or one hand is embedded into a ball of model magic to create a base for the sculpture and success is achieve when the figure successfully balances in a stance showing motion.   This is always a favorite and challenging lesson.  Listening and following directions to first create the wire figure takes almost an entire class time.  Once created,  students must analyze their chosen action to determine how they will achieve balance.  The photos below demonstrate a very successful class.

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