Monday, April 1, 2013

Unloading the rewards of the kiln!

So here they are, the first kiln load of completed clay projects for this year.   I wanted to share some of the owls created by 2nd grade students.  They really came out wonderful.   I hope they are as proud of their creations as I am proud of my students work.  I love the detail they achieved that is so evident even with a solid colored glaze.
Owls2nd grade owls

2nd grade owls
Royalty in the owl family
Kinder coil and pinch green and peach

Kindergarten students created coil bowls. and pinch pots
Kinder coil and pinchKinder pots

First grade students focused on attaching details to their pinch pots as they created Ugly Cups.  Here are their whimsical creations.
Stripped ugly jug
Ugly jugsLots of ugly cups

5th grade whistles
Clay whistles
My favorite project by far are the animals created by 4th and 5th grade students.  5th graders turn their animals into whistles.  
Sea turtleCat whistle
So this is the beginning of many more kiln firings to unload.   I will continue to post a few pictures of the ones that tickle my fancy.

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