Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cooperative Mural Work

I wanted to share a photo of the cooperative murals created by 1st graders from one of my schools.  In this building the students brainstormed ideas for a mural theme and then voted on the top four themes for the class to complete.  Once the themes had been chosen, they divided themselves into groups by interest to complete the murals.  It is always interesting to experience the processes that follow, discovering who will be bossy or learn to take on leadership diplomatically, who will always defer decisions, and who will discover their voice in the process.  I was very proud of the groups this year, they truly created very cooperatively with minimal conflict and indecision.   Their murals are extremely endearing.
Mural themes from top left: Castle and Space
Bottom left:  Landscape and camping

Jungle Mural by 1st graders
above and
Carnival mural by 1st graders to the right

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