Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The weather changed so we changed our minds!

 A few weeks ago, when I still thought there was a chance we might receive a major snow storm up here in New England, fourth grade students began a work with an emphasis on value.  It was to be a snow scene with a snowman collage onto the completed work.  They were to experiment with shadows on the snowman.  With today's temperatures in the 70s, it felt like a snowman just wouldn't work for students today.  Instead we shifted gears and decided to create a picture that would suggest the scene that was warming up and just prior to springtime green or one that might be late in the summer season when vegetation had begun to die away but insects were still prevalent.  Here is where the value painting took the students.  I really love the variety of ways that they approached the project and all the end results.  Sharpies and colored pencils were used over the tempera paint.

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