Sunday, January 10, 2016


 I am so enjoying the Art Club kids and our once a week meetings.  Deciding to run an Art Club rather than an afterschool program has given me a bit more freedom in the projects we do as well as allowing more input from the group.  Every few weeks we briefly discuss and plan what we would like to do next as a group.  I throw out some ideas to kick start the discussion and students submit ideas as well.  The first week we met, we started the club in that way and one of the first request I received was to create minions.  I happened to be working with Model Magic in the younger grades so that medium came to
mind.  I also had a bag of plastic easter eggs that I felt might use as a form and cut down on the amount of clay we would need to use.  Each child was given a 5 oz bag of yellow to cover their egg to create the body of the minion.  We used blue, grey and black for the other elements and students used a model of a toy Minion for inspiration along with their own experiences and observations.    We used one bag of white (5oz), 6 (5oz) bags of blue and the large bags of both gray and black.  A few smaller bags of black and gray would have been sufficient but I was unable to find the small bags locally.   The eggs had been purchased at the end of the season a few years ago for 5 cents a bag.  We took photos for Artsonia immediately and the students took these right home with instructions to allow them to dry before they handled them too much.  The project took about 40n minutes and the kids were thrilled.
Oh, after I came up with the plan and purchased all the materials,  I found a minion kit by Crayola at the local Michael's store.  It was around $7.00 to make 2 small minions.  All total, 14 students created minions for about double that cost.

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