Tuesday, December 22, 2015

So, when you give a student a cork and let them lead the way.......

Today was the final meeting of the Art Club in 2015.  I wanted a project with a holiday theme for my students and when I spotted snowmen created from corks a few weeks back it sounded like the perfect project.  I email all my teacher friends hoping to gather up about 30 - 40 corks and received a great response and wonderful support.  I think I actually received close to 60 corks.  I prepared the corks by painting them all white and adding a wire in the top that would later hold a hook so they could hang on the Christmas Tree.  The snowmen to the right are as I had planned the project which I found on pinterest, I think.  But, don't you just love it when students take control and run with it and you end up with truly original and creative ideas that you never even considered!??  The following photos are some of the great ideas the students came up with on their own.  I love the originality and spontaneity of their creations. They had me rummaging through cabinets and every nook and cranny trying to find things that would help them with their ideas.

Basic materials included:
scraps of fleece for the scarves
pipe cleaners
sharpie markers
telephone wire for the loops
1 package of Christmas Tree Hooks
Fabulous imagination added by 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.

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