Saturday, October 31, 2015

More about Artsonia

For my art, I used orange.
I have ghost, witches and pumpkins
My older students are requested to write an artist statement for every completed project on Artsonia.  I have always worked with younger students in this area as well but not with the same expectations.  I was really unsure when I began Artsonia, just what a younger student would be capable of writing.  For my Kindergarten students, I have them talk to me about their work and I generally write a one sentence statement based on their explanations.  This is not for every project but periodically throughout the year.  After talking with a first grade teacher a few years ago, I was encouraged to write a prompt on the board and have students complete the prompt. Naturally, I received a lot of repetitive statements.  Those of you who use Artsonia know that repetitive artist statements get kicked back at you.  This year I decided to try another approach and I have been very happy with the results.  I write a word bank on the board for students to help them with spelling and to review the vocabulary we have used during a project.  Students in first and second grade are asked to write one very good sentence talking about their work for the Artsonia artist statement.  I have been both surprised and thrilled with the sentences I have been receiving with this new approach.  Many students only give me the one sentence but others write multiple sentences that really give me insight into their interpretation of the project and what learning has been taking place.  I'll share a few with you....
Piet Mondrian used primary colors.
He was an art maker.  He used black.

I like to ride in shot air balloon
because it is fun.
Me and my dad went on a air balloon
My pumpkin patch has a bloody gnome,
candy man, ghost, and lots and lots of pumpkins.
I used the primary colors.

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