Monday, March 2, 2015

Self Portraits in the style of Klimt

Student Work
Tree of Life

My growth project for this year is focused on self portraits.  For the 
fall, students drew a basic self portrait to learn the "mathematics" 
of the face.  I wanted to help students with the placement of 
features and break habits of placing eyes high on the forehead,
making ears too small and other placement issues of the face.
For the second portrait, I decided to approach the subject
by introducing the work of an artist and using their work as a 
guide for individual work.  Third grade students focused
on the work of Gustav Klimt and primarily the right panel from his
work "Tree of Life".  The goal was to place their portrait inside a
patterned blanket created with line and color.  The backgrounds were 
completed with gold sticker paper to mimic the gold leaf Klimt 
often used in his work.

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