Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Let all the celebrations begin!!!

Happy Hanukkah everyone!  I just lit the first candle on my menorah but this time I had a little help from my new "friend" Mensch on a Bench!  After watching Shark Tank the other night, I shared that I thought my family needed one of these little guys to add to our family celebration and a friend showed up Saturday night to gift us with one.  Hymie, his name, has visited both of my buildings this week to both delight and curiosity.  Most students wanted to know what he was and if he was an elf.  They immediately connected him to "Elf on a Shelf".  Hymie was a busy guy assisting in the art room in any capacity I would allow him to.  Here are a few photos from his visit.
Testing out my new pencil sharpener 
Measuring up to the Primary Colors

Attempting to gain some attention

Finally, taking some time to participate in a project.

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