Saturday, November 15, 2014

Free Art

What type of behavior management program do you incorporate in your classroom?  Both of my schools incorporate a Positive Behavior System and I tie my management to that program.  In both schools, PBS is based on three focus points.  In my classroom, students are expected to observed the points and as a group can earn three squares on a behavior chart each week.  If all three squares are filled; they earn a free art class in 7 weeks.  My first classes achieved free art this week.  I have several art games, drawing books and old favorite creative toys such as blocks, spiral graph, a felt board, Wild Wooly, and etch-a-sketch for students to use freely during this class period.  I love watching the choices they make when given the opportunity to freely explore.  Here are a few photos from yesterday's creativity.  Regardless of age, the boys are always drawn to the blocks.  Future architects in the making, I predict!

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