Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shooting Stars

 I'm not sure where I saw the motivation for this project so I apologize to the person who inspired me for not crediting them. Here's what I did:  I grabbed several of the "place mats" that were used for protecting tables during painting last year and headed to the die cut machine which I used to cut the stars.  Using Elmer's liquid glue to insure a strong tack, stars were glued into a corner of the black construction paper.  The lesson was for Kindergarten with a focus on line recognitions and appropriate line names.  Students drew a horizontal, a vertical,  and a diagonal line.  Then in between these were added zig zag lines, curvy and swirly lines.  All the lines were drawn with a white charcoal pencil.  Students then colored in the negative spaces using construction paper crayons.  The background paper was black construction paper!  This was great practice for color control and filling in the spaces.  I think the Kinders did a terrific job!

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  1. I really love this project. I am going to pin it right now!! KUDOS!