Friday, September 12, 2014

September 15th -ish!!!

My students are completing their dots for International Dot Day this week.  I was able to pull a few out and hang a bulletin board outside the classroom for Monday.  As I mentioned in a previous post, every grade approached their dot project in a different way.  We have Dots based on the Elements of Art,  Dots showing the Element of Space, Dots that reflect things that are shaped like dots from real life experiences, Cut dots showing symmetry and positive and negative space and lastly, Dots that are color wheels.  It's always interesting to throw out an open-ended assignment and see where the kids will take it.  From the vast number of dot ideas present on this bulletin board, you can tell I had some great creative thinking happening in the art room over the past few weeks.  My big focus this year with students is to have them really thinking and writing about their art.  All students from 2nd grade through 5th are writing artist statements on the reverse side of all their completed work.  I really love reading some of their thoughts.  I gain so much understanding of their learning and creative thought process.  Click into one of our Artsonia accounts and check out some of the artist statements, too. And with that.....  Happy International Dot Day Celebrations to you all!!!

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