Saturday, August 9, 2014

Crayola Ultra-Clean

I recently purchased a box of the new Crayola Ultra-clean Washable crayons and Washable Markers at the local big box store.  I immediately opened them both and tried them out for coverage and color value.  I was happy with the product.  I colored my skin and just like in the promotional advertisements, it washed right off.  I didn't want to try the wash ability on clothing; wasn't brave enough.  What if the advertisement was hyped a bit and I ruined my clothing.  Then it occurred to me to pull out my swag apron from the spring AOE conference.  I had used it for printing earlier in the week, note the post prior to this one.
coloring the bird with washable crayons

adding a zentangle and flower with the markers
After rinsing out the marker and crayons with running cold water

Conclusion:  They work great!!!

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