Friday, April 4, 2014


For years I have taught slab work to 3rd grade students.  The focus was always a cultural unit on Adobe Houses of the Pueblo Indians and the current day building of Adobe homes throughout the southwest.  I loved the unit and enjoyed making the houses.  I notice over the last couple of years, these were becoming too challenging and my students were not all experiencing the success I wanted them to feel.  This year I decided to approach slabs in a new way and I really like the way things have turned out.  The new focus was creating a wide variety of projects that all incorporated not only slabs but also the use of texture.  Every week over a three week period, I would introduce one or two new projects using the methods of slab with texture.  Students were given the option to create what was demonstrated that day, something they had learned previously or to create something on their own that would measure up to a high standard of creative endeavor.  The students eagerly tried new projects and experimented with creating their own ideas.  Some were successful, some were not but let the creative juices flow!  Here is a sampling of a few of their completed bisque projects.  These will be completed with acrylic paints in standard colors and in neons.

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