Friday, December 27, 2013

Pondering some plans

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For ten years, I have begun the new year with a clay unit with my students.  This year I have decided to push it back to after February break so my 5 th graders can complete their illustrated children's books.  But this has sure thrown a wrench into my plans and I feel like I'm spending all my break time pondering.  I just don't know what I want to start with students in 1st - 4th grade. I keep considering the elements....maybe concentrate on space or texture.  Or maybe I should keep my focus on something 3D and bring in something sculptural.

So, what are your plans in January?   I'd really be thrilled if someone would share their ideas.  Lots of comments... Please!

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  1. I have to do my mid-assessments for my SGO's when I go back ... :( the data is due to my administrators by the 3d week of January. So all projects will have to go on hold for a class so it can get done... :( When we get back to work it will be finishing color with 4th, finishing form with 5th and starting a color project, K-3 will start shape/form.